The Ultimate Guide To Sustainable Clothing Care Tips

Looking after your clothing is the best way to making it last and maintain good quality. Here are a few tips to follow and make a the most out of your purchases.
Wash Less Often
This one we hear all the time but I don't think it will hurt to hear again. Clothing. Can. Be. Worn. Multiple. Times. Unless you've managed to soil or spill something on your clothes, give it 3 or even 4 wears before adding it to your laundry.
Wash On Cold
While we are focused on washing, another key care tip is so wash on cold. Heating water consumes 90% of the energy needed to run a wash and warmer water is harsher on fabrics which can lead to shrinkage, fading, and more microfiber loss.
Learn Your Fabrics
There are some fabrics that just aren't worth it. Synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon, and acrylic shed microplastics each time they’re washed - harming the environment so should be washed less if possible or with a microplastic filter. Pilling is another common concern for older clothing. With fabrics that pile, avoid blended fabrics with synthetic and natural materials and wash your clothes inside out.
Repair Your Clothing
Mending can make such a big difference in making clothing last. If you can't sew, see if there are tailors in your area. Not only will you expand the lifespan of your garment, you will also be supporting local small businesses.
Recycle and Repurpose
Sometime, an item can no longer be worn or you may no longer have use for it. If an item is still wearable, give it to a friend, donate it to a thrift store or repurpose it. If the garment is no longer wearable, recycle it. What happens to clothing after your use should also be considered when trying to be sustainable.
I have items that have been part of my wardrobe for multiple years now and they are still in pretty good condition. When I buy something, I always tell myself “I need to get the most wear out of this as possible” and by doing so, I make sure I do whatever necessary to achieve that.
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