‘Sustainability’ became the IT word of 2020 and just about everyone was starting to make changes to fit into a new lifestyle. To be mindful of my consumption and waste, I made a list of 5 hangout ideas that are sustainable AND free.
1. Pick a friends room to clean
During the pandemic, a lot of us found working from home and being stuck inside extremely difficult, especially separating work and personal boundaries. Perhaps you have a friend who has been struggling to balance life and their cluttered thoughts are starting to be reflected in their environment. With some music, food and good company, cleaning up becomes fun and motivating.
2. Cooking leftovers
If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you would have seen us share a website that I have been loving recently. Super Cook allows you to list all the ingredients you have and then suggests recipes for you to make. Host a dinner with friends and experiment with food from your collective leftovers.
3. Have a photoshoot
Put your own picture on a moodboard. You and your friends can play stylist and photographer to create magazine like images and all it takes is your iPhone and a good editing app. Step one, find a cool free location in your city (or at home) and then step two, look through your closet and style looks you may not wear day to day for something editorial.
4. Start a book club
This one is pretty simple, discuss the plot, characters and where you think the story will end. It makes reading fun and you can burrow a book from your local library to read together.
5. Upcycle art
Being creative does not mean you have to invest a lot of money. Art can be made and inspired from anything. Cut shapes from sponges and use bleach to print on an old shirt. The possibilities are endless and if you get stuck, YouTube has so many DIY ideas to get you started.
I love doing something different when I hang out with my friends. It’s so easy to get caught up in life that we overthink our social interactions. It’s a bonus that these are all sustainable but the best part is they are childish, creative and free.
Enjoy your hangouts,

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