Léwa Sandals - Multi Color Strap


"Is Lola Faturoti on your radar? If yes, then good for you! No? Well, you don’t know what you’re missing, my fashion compadre! Her designs, fly drone high in spirit with the plasma of her ancestors in each intricate adjudication."

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Lola Faturoti Loves started with an idea to create a line of printed denim that is more interesting, more exciting and meaningful. My previous line, Lola Loves Cargo was built on celebrating traditional designs from Africa. My new denim line is also influenced by my love for Africa. This time my inspiration comes from the bright and colorful patterns, I remember seeing in the outdoor markets while growing up in Nigeria. Lola Faturoti Loves is bright and bold, capable of delivering an expression of purpose and self-actualization, to make people feel joy and freedom. It is created for everyone to inspire all with no limits or boundaries. Join me on our Lola Faturoti Loves journey...

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