You Can Take the Girl Out of Nigeria…

But you cannot take Nigeria out of the girl. While I was born in London, I moved to Nigeria at the age of three. Raised by my grandmother, a local couturier of our traditional clothes , I had strength and tradition instilled into my upbring and life.  As I grew up, she taught me how to pick out stitches. At the time, I was upset because I just wanted to play with my friends, but it was times like these that formed me into the woman I am today. It is joy, bright colors, story telling and love that surround my life and inspire my clothing. Women empowering women, loving one another, and joining together to create art; this is the foundation of LolaFaturotiLoves. These colors, patterns and prints are meant to illuminate your style, as well as your spirit, just as Nigerian tradition has taught me. I have had the opportunity to travel all around the world, drawing inspiration from everywhere I go; however, I will always be grounded with my grandmother and feel at home in Nigeria.

Warm Regards, Lola.

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