5 Benefits of On-Demand Manufacturing

The create.ONE is a cloud-based software platform that enables designers and brands to design, sell, and make one piece of clothing on-demand. It has been an amazing resource for the development of Lola Faturoti LOVES and I stand by its sustainable methods.
The core principle of create.ONE is powerful but simple: an article of clothing only exists when it is needed. It also offers full transparency about garments. Here are 5 Benefits of On-Demand Clothing:
1. Reduces the Cost of Storing and Managing Inventory.
On-demand production eliminates the need to store materials. Instead of predicting what consumer demand will be every season, brands can now meet the demand directly and fulfil orders as they are requested.
2. End Overproduction and Reduce Waste.
Traditional manufacturing leads to overproduction. When items aren’t purchased, many end up in the landfills of low economic countries. Companies that produce only what consumers order eliminates that unnecessary production and environmentally harmful waste.
3. Low Physical Footprint.
Made on Demand reduces the energy and pollution of shipping stock. After an item is made, it ships directly to the customer. The miles that the garment travels will be dramatically reduced, and makes the business-model more sustainable.
4. Wider opportunities for manufacturers.
The Made On-Demand model also heavily benefits manufacturers who face less seasonal time pressure. By ensuring an on-demand manufacturing flow, manufacturers can have greater notice and lead times for making products. This means hiring skilled garment workers, rather than seasonal workers, which helps foster a more ethical and sustainable business.
5. You can start your business right away.
One of the most difficult steps in business is actually getting started. On-demand manufacturing offers a relatively low-risk introduction to design. It does not rely on a large start-up capital and there is no obligation to remain with a manufacturer if their product is not made to the desired quality.
The best part of working with Made on Demand, is the sustainability of the model - from materials to the ink used and worker fairness. Overall it is a manufacturing method that makes what I create feel fresh and thoughtful. It is one of the next key steps to the future of Fashion in a socially conscious world.

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