Essential Questions To Ask About Sustainable Fashion

One thing we as consumers need to tackle down on... green washing. No one likes being deceived, especially at the expense of others And the environment. Here are 5 questions to ask a brand or retailer before purchasing (ethical brand should be confident to answer).
1. Are products durable and high quality?
Over consumption is a pretty big factor when it comes to the global waste of the fashion industry. When we buy fewer, high quality garments we expand its lifeline in our wardrobes. In addition, consider shopping classic and timeless rather than trends so that your clothing is worn more for longer.
2. Where and how are clothes made?
Many brands hide the fact they use unsafe factories, child labor, and sweatshop conditions to produce their clothes. Asking about who made your clothing keeps brands accountable for their social impact.
3. What happens to unsold clothes?
Many popular brands do not often keep every item until it sells. Large retailers such as H&M, Nike and Urban Outfitters are responsible for a huge amount of landfill waste each year by throwing away unsold clothes rather than reselling or recycling them.
4. Is it certified by third-party organizations?
Solid working conditions and environmental standards can be guaranteed by third parties. Look for certifications to back up a brand’s sustainability claims.
5. What are the values behind the brand?
Is the brand transparent, accessible, responsible, and accountable? Like mentioned, any ethical brand that’s confident in their standards and morals will be open to your questions. If in doubt, check out the information they share about their social and environmental impact - the more the better.
Lola Faturoti LOVES encourages transparency in all areas of the brand. Our materials are Eco-friendly and the business is ran on a made on demand system, reducing waste and over consumption. The best part, you can contact us about our products and any questions you may have. Learn more on our Instagram
It's normal to want transparency about this kind of information and it should actually be bigger factor in our decision to buy from a brand. Thinking of buying something new this week? Try asking one of these questions before you purchase.
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