How I Stay Sane In This Insane Time

In a world where social media only boosts the belief that other people have more than you and it makes them happy, at least on the surface, it can be easy to feel like you need to have more, more, more.
Happiness is not born from more; it comes from the appreciation of what you already have. People often ask the question: What is the key to happiness? Gratitude.
Last week, I just had one of those days where I woke up stressed out and struggled to see past it. As I went on my morning walk with my dog, Peanut, I noticed the click-clack of my favorite pair of shoes. I thought, I love these shoes so much. Something as simple as the sound of shoes as they hit the ground with each step brightened my day.
Gratitude can be easy when you're having a good day, but it is needed most when you're going through difficult times, whether that be the pandemic or doom-scrolling or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Appreciating the simplest thing in life can be enough to turn your day around.

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