Why We Make On Demand

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People do not cherish clothes as much anymore. In the past, mothers would pass on dresses and jewels to their daughters. Fathers would pass on suits, ties and cufflinks to their sons. Clothing was made to last because people wanted them to last. They wanted to wear high quality pieces that had meaning and memories in each stitch.

As fast fashion has gained immense popularity, clothing is being made in excess and discarded in excess to developing countries landfills. There isn’t the same love and respect because everyone is looking forward to the next trend, rather finding timeless pieces and appreciating what they have.
Nothing is better than having that piece that makes you happy every time you wear it. Everyone has a piece that they have had for a long time and never tire of. Why not make your entire closet full of well-made, nicely fitting, happy colored, long-term pieces

At Resonance and Lola Faturoti Loves, we make on demand fashion to combat increasing landfills and to offer beautiful, durable items. We don’t make anything without the intention of giving it a loving and lasting home. If treated respectfully, these pieces can live a lifetime or two. By shopping on demand, you are fostering a better and brighter future for the environment and the generations to come, and looking good while doing it!

Warm Regards, Lola. 

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