I love Paris when it drizzles

Paris has come to be known as the City of Love. After recently visiting there, I came to personally know the Paris for its beauty and romance. There was never a downpour of rain but it drizzled enough to add a light and fresh feeling to the air. From the window of my place, I could see the Eiffel Tower, and sometimes clouds wrapped around the top, adding a sense of captivating mystery. People were walking hand in hand everywhere I went, snuggling at the heated outdoor cafes. Paris had already started adding the holiday lights to the streets and historic buildings, making the city sparkle. The city was truly a Winter Wonderland as I walked from the Place Vendôme to the Tuileries Garden, a street that was decorated for the holidays with wonderful shops, fun rides and a Ferris wheel that lit up the skies. It was a sight to behold full of romance and charm that I won’t forget.

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