Self-Love Equal Wearing Organic Cotton

As the holiday approaches, this is the time to practice self love. What materials you choose to put on your body is a part of showing you care and an important decision that is often overlooked. While comfort may factor into a purchase, there are many other features to consider. Organic cotton is a clothing material that can do it all. It creates pieces that will last longer and are actually good for your skin. True to its name, organic cotton is made organically. The farming methods used to grow organic cotton is natural and sustainable, whereas other materials contribute to fossil fuel outputs. Lastly, organic cotton surpasses regular cotton as well, requiring 91 percent less water to grow. Population growth and urbanization require more fresh water to be sustained but with the move toward organic cotton, this resource can be put toward more important needs. Fill your wardrobe with organic cotton pieces because it’s better for you and better for the world.

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