Why is Thanks giving so important?

A national American holiday built on the genocide of Natives, many people wrestle with how or if to celebrate every November. Thanksgiving is taught in elementary schools as the holiday of turkeys and the shared meal between the pilgrims and the Native Americans. They neglect to share the context around it all, the degradation and slaughter by the white settlers toward America’s inhabitants. It is important to understand the history of the day, acknowledge the offenses that surround it all. With this acknowledgement, it is still a day to take time to feel gratitude. There are so many dark events and choices that exist in our world but that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects to appreciate. Thank your friends and family for loving you for you. Be grateful that you are alive in our vast world and after the development of modern medicine and science. Look around at the beauty that exists everywhere and smile. Thanksgiving is a dark day in American history and it is at times like this that gratitude and love should be felt and shared with others.

Warm Regards, Lola.

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