Fast Fashion Greenwashing

As climate change has worsened at a critical rate, the fashion industry has skyrocketed in revenue.. While many critics have highlighted fast fashion’s damaging habits, these brands have begun to greenwash their advertising to soften their harmful images. Greenwashing is defined as the over promotion of sustainable behavior, despite a brand’s overwhelmingly destructive conduct toward the environment. Fast fashion, being a significant eco-monster, produces absurd amounts of clothing for very cheap, profits off their sales, and promptly tosses the leftovers away. However, companies have begun to promote in big, bold letters, “SUSTAINABLE” and “ECO-FRIENDLY,” when they actually only have one rack in their store of 100 racks. What do these words mean? There is no legality in these promotions, so they can market with these terms without much to back it up. Sustainability is vital in this world because the environment, our children,our home, is only getting sicker. It is so important to make sure that the companies, fashion especially, are those that will practice what they preach. To be a sustainable brand, a company should have all eco-friendly items. Profit should not be the goal. Companies that greenwash harm the planet, as well as put down the companies that actually prioritize a safe and healthy planet.

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