Future of fashion with the change of the nodes to Taurus/Scorpio.

Not only is it a new year, but we transitioned into a new North and South Node early this year. The North Node will be Taurus and the South Node will be Scorpio until July 12, 2023. The North Node is what we will learn and strive to become, whereas the South Node is our past and the familiar and what what we must let go.
In this period of Taurus, art and beauty and love will be paramount. People will be captivated by the simple beauty of the world. It is a time to appreciate the finer things, prioritizing quality goods over quantity. We will move away from junk food and choose fresh and organic food. We will look for sustainable, well-made goods, rather than going for the cheap factory products. The North Node in Taurus will encourage visits to the museum, wonder in nature’s splendor, admiration of master musicians. In recent times, the fashion industry has been progressing toward overproduction, cheap materials, and problematic labor forces. The North Node in Taurus will bring about a change that reverts fashion to what it should be: an art. People will begin to buy and love pieces that are well-made, sustainable, colorful, soft, and beautiful. Rather than overfilling our closets with clothes that will fall apart or soon find their way to landfills, we will purchase fewer items but with purpose, gratitude, and joy. We will care for ourselves by investing in beauty and art in a way that promotes love and security. At a time when we need it the most, the North Node in Taurus will bring back the much needed recognition of the good in our world.


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