How I Stay Sustainable In The City

From composting food scraps to shopping with reusable bags to taking shorter showers, there are uncountable ways to practice sustainability in the city. It is becoming more and more vital that we change our ways to protect the only planet we call home. These are five ways that I stay eco-friendly and I hope they encourage you to find your own methods of sustainability.
1. Sustainable Wardrobe
In a world of pollution, the fashion industry is a significant contributor. Lola Faturoti Loves items are designed on demand and prioritize using eco-friendly materials and ink for printing. All other items in my closet come from second hand shops or brands with environmentally-supportive practices and materials.
2. Reusables
There is so much disposable merchandise out there and it can make a huge impact if we focus on reusing. I bring reusable bags every time I go grocery shopping. I have a water bottle to fill up throughout the day, rather than disposable cups.
3. Vegetarian
While eating meat is not entirely bad on its own, the meat industry is very environmentally destructive. I chose to remove meat from my diet to combat the devastation that comes from the factory farming that exists to produce the excessive amount of meat consumed around the world.
4. Walking
To avoid participating in the emission of harmful gases that come from automobile travel, I walk almost everywhere I go. If it’s far away, I will use the subway. Driving, even when electrical, work to increase the carbon footprint and it is in our best interest to reduce this form of travel as much as possible.
5. Less Energy
Not only can it save you money, but using less energy is another method to combat climate change. I turn off lights when I’m not using them and unplug unnecessary devices. I use energy saving lightbulbs which produce less heat and last longer, reducing the mass amounts of disposed lightbulbs.
Every day activities like these are easily utilized, and if we all decided to behave a little more sustainably, there would be a significant healing of the earth. Of course, there are more pieces needed to fight climate change but starting on an individual level is a great start.

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