Overproduction: A danger

Photo by Fabrice Monteiro

According to the American Chemical Society, fashion production has doubled since the 2000s and is expected to triple by 2050. The industry is often highlighted as being environmentally devastating. It has become so easy to over consume when so much clothing is being produced and advertised. The more clothing that is produced, the more that is consumed, and then the more that is produced. It’s an endless, earth-destroying feedback loop. Companies have begun to make promises that they will start recycling their products but there is little discussion on slowing down production. Certain companies, like H&M and Patagonia, have take back programs that allow customers to turn in their items with the expectation that the materials will be recycled. If you bring an item back to the store for recycling, you may find something new to buy that would not have been purchased otherwise, increasing that company’s profits and “sustainable” image while encouraging more consumption. LolaFaturotiLoves proudly makes all pieces on demand. Producing each piece as it is requested defeats overproduction, avoiding destination landfill completely. It may take a little longer to receive, but hey, the anticipation and quality will make its arrival even grander.

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